Track the impact of social services and helping professions

Quantifying the real impact and effectiveness of social services.

Transforming qualitative information from social service workers and helping professions into quantitative data.

Converting data into intelligible graphs and exports to get a real and quick picture of the social situation in the locality.

For social services with helping professions

Monitor the real needs of your clients. Keep track of them and have convincing evidence. You no longer have to prove that you are needed by finding stories and hoping your donors will listen.

Predict social problems

You are the first to detect there is a social threat in the population. Be real partners for the authorities and deliver data on this phenomenon to give the executive branch time to prepare for crisis.

With your data, Flins can capture a deteriorating or improving social phenomenon.

At the same time, it can use the data to make connections to the phenomenon and identify its causes.

This is all thanks to intelligible graphs and flexible algorithms.


Email notifications.
Project management.
Staff chat.
Financial management.
Document storage.
Task system.

HR tools.
Education planning.
Property records.
Cash-flow system.
Contact list.
And much more.

You know that your services work for the whole society.

Now you can prove it!

Flins works across target groups, countries, and languages.

Flins measures effectiveness and impact on all target groups and adapts briskly to address social issues.

It doesn’t matter which country you provide social services in or what problems you are dealing with.

  • Families.
  • Children.
  • Individuals.
  • Communities.
Psychological problems.
Financial crisis.
Family issues.
Housing emergency.
Discrimination, racism.
And much more.

For investors

Be part of a team that has the ambition to influence the flow of billions of euros into the social system in Europe.
Invest in a unique system that is the first to measure the effectiveness of social services and helping professions.
Be the ones who contribute to the prediction of social threats in society.

Do you care if your investment has a positive impact on society?

Be part of a revolutionary change in the entire social system.

For government, regional authorities and cities

Are you implementing a local or global solution to a social problem?
Want to know what impact your investments are having?

Verify the functionality of system measures?

Flins can determine if the solution works, how it works and what other aspects of the target group it affects.
It can map the links between the implemented solution and other societal threats.
It will demonstrate the real needs of the people in the area.
Based on real data, you can decide where and how much money to invest.

Let the Flins BIG DATA app show you how effectively you are using your financial investment in the welfare system.

Examples of outputs

These are the outputs from the pilot testing of the application. The measurement was applied to 100 adult users, 3 families and 100 children.

Prevalence of mental health problems in children in 2021.

Comparison of the prevalence of social phenomena in adult individuals in 2021 and 2022.

Overview of financial incomes of families.

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